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Our sofas are available in the following conventional materials: PU, 1A\2A\3A\4A grade cowhide. How much do you know about the above fabrics? Next, let me introduce the characteristics of different materials to you, making it easier for you to choose your favorite sofa fabric.


living room sofa

PU: Hydrolysis resistance, good softness, high tensile strength, good air permeability

1A: Thickness 1.0-1.2MM, uniform rough texture, suitable for styles with straight lines, the top of the texture has a top light effect, soft and tough to the touch, tensile and wear-resistant, durable texture, the more you use, the brighter.

office sofa

2A: Natural pattern, which is more meaty than level 1A, and has a lower cutting rate. The biggest difference between this type of leather and level 1A is the skin pattern, which is a natural pattern, commonly known as grain, English called grain, and 1A level. The regular pattern is different, it looks very natural, and it is very suitable for some styles with natural wrinkles.

3A: The thickness is more than 1.3MM, and the natural skin texture is formed by natural tanning. The leather surface feels good, soft and firm. Therefore, on the same cowhide, the difference in thickness of the skin texture will be greater, and the fibers in the neck, abdomen, etc. The loose skin texture is thick, the fiber on the back part of the cow is compact and the skin texture is fine, but the three-dimensional texture and natural properties of the texture are obviously much better than the above two types of skins, and the hand feel is more moist and thick.

leather sofa

4A: The surface is delicate and the original leather is grained. During the tanning process, the original leather is less polished and repaired, and the original surface of the cowhide is more preserved. It is often used in relatively fashionable and simple products, with a thickness of 1.0-1.2MM.


living room sofa


After the above sharing, I hope you can choose a more suitable sofa according to your own budget in your needs. The higher grade of cowhide, the better comfort of use, of course, the price is higher. But you should pay attention to regular maintenance. The method of how to clean the leather has been shared before, you coule read the company news.

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